Monek: Our New Trusted Partner Bank

We are excited to announce that BMS is venturing into a new partnership with the merchant bank, Monek!

Founded in 1998, Monek has been a significant player in the UK payments sector. They provide businesses with the tools to take fast, secure and reliable payments, whether face-to-face, online or over the phone. Monek is FCA approved and has clients of all sizes. They have helped merchants process billions of pounds in payments over the years. They are a well-respected and trusted bank that is always looking to innovate in the payments sector.

Monek have acquired the UK customer base of our current partner Truevo. This is because Truevo have decided to concentrate their efforts and resources onto the mainland of Europe. As a result, our customers who were previously with Truevo will now be migrated to Monek. The migration will take place in small steady batches. This is to ensure everything goes smoothly as possible and there is no interruption to services. A handful of our customers have already migrated over and have been benefitting from Monek’s amazing service.
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How will this migration effect our customers?

For all our customers the migration process will be done seamlessly without any interruption to their work. There will be no changes to your current contract and all processing fees will stay the same as before. Monek will get in touch with you confirming the day your migration is taking place and giving you instructions on how to update your POS terminal.

For more information on Monek and the migration please click the button below.

If you have any questions or queries please get in touch with us using the form below:

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