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BMS is an independent Merchant Services Consultancy; we work with multiple banks providing bespoke packages for our clients, ensuring they have the most competitive over-all package, from the transaction rates to the account management and support. 

At Bespoke Merchant Solutions, we start each new quote by creating a transaction profile of your business and the transaction you already take on your current card machine. Your Account Manager will then conduct a cost analysis, matching the best fitting bank according to the information found, with our average saving for our customers being over 35%.

To find out what we can do for your business, reach out for your no-cost comparison of your current card machine package.



"We recently switched to BMS and we are over the moon! We have already seen the results through large savings in the first couple of months,"

Rachel Warhurst

Get paid quickly and easily.

At Bespoke Merchant Solutions, we are an independent company and separate from the banks we work with, meaning we find you the best fitting bank according to your requirements.

We have options from 3-day funding to next day funding depending on your needs. We also have online Dashboards to track your payments with all the banks we work with – at no extra cost – so you can keep track of your account.

Bespoke solutions that help you do business better.

  • On hand to help, 24/7

    We believe the customer and their business comes first. Therefore we have negotiated with the banks that we work with to provide 24/7 UK support at no extra cost. Downtime can be costly for any business and we've got solutions in place to keep things up and running, even when disaster strikes.

  • An account manager, dedicated to your success

    When you work with Bespoke Merchant Solutions, you work with your own dedicated Account Manager who knows your business and your requirements. You will have the direct number to your Account Manager as well as their email, which all Account Managers have access to 7 days a week to ensure they can help you when you need it most.

  • Rock solid security

    Becoming PCI compliant can, at times, be a difficult and convoluted experience. Bespoke Merchant Solutions works with multiple banks each with their own process and charges. Your Account Manager is here to help you become compliant and to help avoid paying the extra charges that PCI noncompliance can include. We work with some banks that do not charge for PCI – reach out to find out if they would be a good fit for your business.

  • The best price, always.

    One of our core values is that our customers come first and, to demonstrate this, we do not increase the processing fee’s once a contract is agreed. Our directors have ensured, through negotiating with the banks we work with, that our customers are protected.

Fast, reliable and on demand payments.

Consumers today are better informed and more demanding than ever. With access to unlimited information thanks to the Internet, smartphones and tablets, they demand the ability to make purchases anywhere, anytime. Merchants equipped to offer shoppers the payment convenience, simplicity and fluidity, will find the demand will increase sales conversion rates.

Recognising this demand, we only work with the latest terminals, ensuring our customers stay up to date with the latest payment technology.

We can provide Fixed Terminals, Mobile (Bluetooth and WiFi) and GPRS (SIM Card). Whatever your business needs – we can find a solution.