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Careers with Bespoke Merchant Solutions will place you at the front and centre of the Payment sector, which is ever-expanding into new areas that require expert training to predict and anticipate. Our team can offer content for our merchants that can directly help them understand, streamline, and implement new technology and services.

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Employer Benefits

  • Career Development
  • Accessible Training
  • Casual Fridays
  • MORE Cobalt Card
  • Gym Membership

What Does 'Do Business Better' Mean To You?

We pride ourselves on being a local team with a Nationwide reach, aiding many industries into profitable contracts with multiple benefits. All the while, they know there’s a dedicated team ready to help.

Most importantly, our staff are passionate about the payment world. When asked what our motto ‘Do Business Better’ meant to our staff, they offered unique responses.

"The definition of a successful business is constantly evolving. Connection and integrity with clients have become far more important than securing a fast sale. So, for me, 'Do Business Better' means offering respect and compassion to clients to establish long-lasting ties and future prosperity for both parties."
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Josh Hansell
Account Manager

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Along with our employer benefits and high morale, we want passionate individuals to join our team.

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