The PAX A920


Bespoke Merchant Solutions are dedicated to understanding what the best card payment option is best suited to our merchants. We’re proud to present a showcase of our very best card payment machine – the versatile PAX A920.

The PAX A920 is a mobile unit, able to be manoeuvred throughout your store to best reach the customer. This means a dynamic POS environment that is flexible around the customer’s needs. This product is best recommended for hospitality and retail sectors that may see an uptake of temporary staff. This mobile card machine incorporates portability and Wi-Fi functionality under the power of an Android OS.

PAX-A920 Specifications

You can increase customer engagement through flexible payment accessibility. Even within hospitality settings, you can be ensured of a durable device that can take even the busiest hours.

The modern consumer demands efficiency and speed, a POS experience that is almost completely seamless. The rising trend of card payments is allowing for wider thresholds of spending for customers. Every industry is on the precipice of a huge Fintech wave, with many businesses searching for the best card payment machine, so anticipate now by using our PAX A920 machine.

Support With Your Device 24/7

While the PAX A920 is a durable machine, we understand accidents can happen. Any issues with both software and hardware, our dedicated account managers are online 24/7 for your questions or concerns. Our industries can work until early hours, meaning any issues need to have a fast response.

Speak to us today to find your tailored merchant package.

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