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The PAX A920 Card Machine: Your Business, Our Technology

The PAX A920 represents a watershed moment in the Fintech industry. The shift towards a cashless society and the pre-eminence of the card machine has been well documented. The dramatic shift towards card payments has not gone unnoticed. Card machine companies have worked tirelessly to match this dramatic increase in card payments and met this shift in behaviour with a revolutionary upgrade in hardware.

The PAX A920 combines the features of an android tablet with a powerful POS payment terminal. Whilst we are apparently in a “post-pandemic” stage in history, the pandemic has left in its wake several changes in social and commercial behaviour that now look as though they are here to stay. The desire for an accelerated payment process necessitated by the pandemic has continued into the post-pandemic era. The capacity of the PAX A920 to process contactless transactions faster than old hardware allows for a seamless business experience.

However, if, like many other business owners, the benefits of having a card machine as powerful as an android tablet aren’t immediately apparent, we have taken the time to outline three unique benefits of the PAX A920.

1. The Capacity to Drive Customer Engagement

So, you have one of the most powerful card machines in the world, but how does that translate into business instrumentality?

This is a great question; the PAX A920 operates using a PayDroid System. This means that, unlike older card machines, new hardware has in-built applications that aid business development and customer engagement.

For example, through the PAX A920, your business has the capacity to set up a digital loyalty card scheme. That means that with each purchase of a coffee, you can add a virtual stamp to a customer’s digital loyalty card, which would be visible and accessible on your card machine. Customers can now directly engage with your scheme without the hassle of carrying and inevitably losing their loyalty card.

2. A More Inclusive Payment System

Good innovation requires opening doors and ensuring everyone stands to benefit. Whilst the shift towards digital screens has been an undoubted success, the shift away from textured buttons that allow for the inclusion of braille has come at the expense of the visually impaired.

One of the crowning achievements of the PAX A920 is the significant attention to detail and determination to make the machine inclusive to all. That’s why the PAX A920 has an accessibility mode. The device can vocalise the amount set on the card machine for those unable to see before vocalising basic instructions instructing the customer on how to enter their pin. Using a beeping system that allows visually impaired customers to navigate the keypad, customers can safely and securely enter their details.

3. Increased Utility and Functionality

We understand that busy businesses rely on a card machine that is swift, durable, and functional. The PAX A920, whilst like a smartphone in many ways, differs when it is most important. If there’s one thing we can say about this machine, it is that it’s durable. 

Bumped, knocked, or dropped, this machine can withstand it all and comes with a range of protective, silicone, and leather options to ensure that when an accident happens, you can get on with what you do best without worrying if your hardware is still up to the task. That means no cracked cases or till roll unfurling a stream of paper across the floor of your business.

4. High-Capacity Battery and Portable Chargers

One of the most common frustrations, especially in hospitality, is the poor battery life of card machines. The PAX A920 is fitted with a high-capacity battery giving your business piece of mind knowing that your card machines are ready to go as long as you are. Furthermore, the wireless charging points for these machines means that you can be confident that you can carry out your business operations wherever you are.

5. The Dual-Camera System

There are several benefits of having a card machine fitted with a camera. However, the main benefit for many businesses in having a card machine with a camera is its ability to accept payment via QR codes. With the increase in people paying with QR codes, the PAX A920 ensures your business is ahead of the curve and prepared for new modernised payment systems.

If your business requires an upgrade, then get in touch with us today to find out how our industry specialists can provide a bespoke package to help you Do Business Better!

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