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Revolutionise Your Hospitality or Retail Business with the PAX A920

As a business owner in the hospitality and retail industry, you know how important it is to provide customers with a seamless and efficient point-of-sale experience. Today, we are far less reliant on cash and more so on card payments. It is essential to have a reliable and versatile card payment machine that can meet your customers’ needs, especially during a morning rush or a busy evening service.

According to the latest statistics for 2023, 85% of payments were made using debit/credit card or e-wallet options, while only 11% were made using cash. It is predicted that by 2027, the percentage of cash payments will decrease to 6%, making cards the dominant payment method.  

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Why The PAX A920?

At Bespoke Merchant Solutions, we understand that in the world of hospitality and retail, there are unique challenges when accepting card payments due to the industry’s high demand. That’s why we recommend the PAX A920 for businesses in this sector.

The PAX A920 offers a convenient solution to your payment needs. It is a sleek mobile unit that can be easily manoeuvred throughout your shop, restaurant, or bar, eliminating the hassle of a fixed payment terminal. With its portability and Wi-Fi functionality, combined with the power of Android OS, it creates a dynamic point-of-sale environment that is flexible around your customers’ needs, providing a seamless and efficient payment experience.

Designed to withstand the demands of busy hospitality or retail environments, the PAX A920 features a long-standing battery and a dual-camera system for easy scanning of barcodes and QR codes. In the rare event of any issues, our support team is available 9-5, Monday to Friday, providing immediate assistance to ensure your business runs smoothly without interruptions, giving you peace of mind.

As a BMS Member, you can also access accessories such as a base station that charges your PAX Machine when not in use. This eliminates the need for extra wires in your payment area. You can place the device in the easy-to-use charging holder, making it a hassle-free addition to your business operations. We also offer till roll deliveries, so you always have till roll, ensuring your business runs efficiently without interruptions.

Who is the PAX A920 suitable for?

For those who run a busy bar, you need a versatile and reliable point of card payment that can meet your customers’ demands and needs promptly and efficiently. The PAX A920 is the perfect solution for busy bars that need to accept card payments quickly and efficiently. Its portability, WIFI, and 4G functionality allow you and your employees to process payments anywhere in your establishment, reducing wait times and ensuring that your customers are content.

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PAX-A920 Specifications

By investing in the PAX A920 card payment machine, you are not just adapting to change but leading it. You can provide your customers with a fast and efficient point-of-sale experience that will keep them returning and attracting new ones. This gives your business a competitive edge, positioning you as a leader in your industry and opening new growth opportunities, empowering you to stay ahead of the game.

Ready to take your hospitality or retail business to the next level? Don’t wait; contact BMS today and let us help you find the most suitable card payment solution for your business.

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