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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Card Machine

In this day and age, it is essential for businesses to have a card payment option. If you don’t, you could be losing out on customers! Furthermore, if you have a card machine but it’s outdated, your business is not reaching its full potential. How can a business thrive in the digital age if it’s not willing to adapt?

Having a card machine can kickstart your business into success. With the use of cash declining and the benefits of having a card machine increasing – there couldn’t be a better time to implement one into your business. 

Here’s our five reasons why your business needs to adapt, or else be left behind:

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1. More Accessible Payment Methods

By having multiple payment methods, you’re more likely to align with the wants and needs of potential and returning customers. In 2020, only 17% of transactions were made using cash in the UK, leaving 83% to have been paid through card or contactless methods. We understand that with technology evolving so quickly it can be hard to keep up, but by staying in the loop you can make sure you have an up-to-date card machine.

Recent models of card machines give customers multiple payment options, such as apple pay, google pay, paypal, Klarna, clearpay and even QR codes. In the UK, 63% of in-store POS payments were made by apple pay last year, and this figure it predicted to only rise. With having easy access to a wide range of payment options, your customers are more inclined to spend more money per transaction – overall increasing your sales and promoting your business. Without a card machine, you’re losing money and opportunity.

2. Quicker & More Efficient Payments

Tapping your card or phone to pay for a product or service is much quicker for both you and the consumer. It creates ease of payment, whilst also reducing waiting times and the chance of queuing. It also makes operations quicker, as there is no need to cash up the till or deal with a lot of change. By keeping your card machine up to date, you can ensure you have the fastest speeds for payment, reducing overall waiting time and improving the customer’s experience.

The PAX A920 card machine is perfect for small businesses, being labelled a “smart POS” terminal due to its ‘touchscreen interface and software with versatile features to make it a self-sufficient, portable checkout’. If you’d like to know more about the PAX A920, simply send us a message and our team will be happy to help.

3. It's Easier To Track Your Cashflow

By having a card machine, you have all your transactions recorded for your financial usage. This enables you to keep an accurate track of your cashflow, reducing the risk of spending more than you can afford, fraudulent activity, and a clearer understanding of the success and direction of your business. If you don’t keep an accurate track of your cashflow, you are setting your business up to fail – so why not get a card machine that will manage this for you?

4. Less Chance Of Fraud

Fraudulent activity can be greatly reduced through the power of the card machine. By having less cash in the building, it reduces the risk of theft and break-ins. It is also a great tool to reduce fraudulent activity, such as counterfeit money, instead offering encrypted, secure and guaranteed payments.

5. It's More Hygienic

There has never been a better time to get a card machine. The pandemic highlighted the importance of hygiene and sanitisation. Having a card payment system in place enables you to reduce interaction with customers, as well as reducing the amount of cash being handled by both you and the customer. Throughout the pandemic, many businesses chose to go ‘card only’ in order to combat the virus, ensuring the safety of their staff and customers. However, it is evident that the trend towards ‘card only’ began way before the pandemic, with about 60% of payments being in cash in 2008, compared to a mere 17% by 2020.

By ensuring your POS is hygienic, your customers are more likely to return knowing that they will feel safe and secure when paying. It’s much easier to keep an up to date touch screen card machine clean, compared to an outdated machine with chunky buttons and no contactless options.

So... What Are You Waiting For?

We have often heard that the main reason businesses are hesitant in adopting a card machine into their operations is the complicated process that comes along with it. In all honesty, integrating a card payment method into your business operations can be complicated, but Bespoke Merchant Solutions can simplify this process for you.

We want to ensure that your business is running to its highest potential, with a simple process and 24/7 help with your card machine. So, what’s stopping you? Contact us today to improve your business and see how much you can save!

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