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Next Day Funding: A Powerful Tool in the Merchant’s Arsenal

Picture the following scenario: a hospitality and catering merchant anticipates a busy end of the week, typical of their usual business schedule. They’ve achieved a successful revenue stream that has an increased profit margin. The issue this merchant encounters is that they may not receive an increased profit margin into their account until the funds can be released.

Next Day Funding: explained

In simple terms: Next Day Funding has the card processors release funds into a merchant account, which typically would take up to 2-3 business days. Some industries rely on a consistent cash flow, and the processing times some payment providers can take can be fatal. The process itself is dependent on communication between the merchant acquiring bank and the customer’s bank – which could take time depending on the type of transaction. 

Card processors developed a Next Day Funding scheme to mitigate the issue of inconsistent cash flow. The scheme ensures that funds can be released as expected. Doing this allows the lifeblood of the business, cash flow, to be used to maintain payroll and allocated budgeting for suppliers and contractors. 

Due to the speed of releasing funds early, most payment processors demand an increase in fees to allocate the resources necessary. SMEs should not have to be charged extra for the privilege of accessing their profits. 

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What can BMS do?

Bespoke Merchant Solutions can partner your business with the bank that suits your exact needs, services that include Next Day Funding. This is especially the case if you’re a high-risk profile account since additional resources are required to get the funds to you. 

We apply the bank that suits your business needs – at no extra cost for Next Day Funding. 

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