Card Payments

How To Reduce Risk For Your Business

We’ve developed some important insights into the most common fees found with payment processing, and how BMS can help reduce risk for 2022.

Minimum monthly charges: a lurking menace punishing small businesses


Merchant service statements are often a jumble of disjointed jargon. There are many words on a bill that business owners might not understand. Transaction charges, safer payments, minimum monthly charges. The latter of these charges, the minimum monthly charge, is the most damaging. It has been particularly menacing throughout the pandemic.

Why a Card Machine is the must have tool for businesses in 2021

If the tsunami of the pandemic has proven anything, it is that businesses have a strong ability to adapt. Leading the forefront of this evolutionary process is the sacred card machine. Rather than being a took for quick transactions, the card machine has witnessed its own renaissance during the pandemic. Throughout multiple lockdowns, many of our clients have continued their day-to-day operations due to over the phone transactions. These transactions can be entered into a card machine with no additional charges. Florists, butchers and deli shops have all been able to take payments and deliver their services to customers. This handy perk has been a life raft to many industries which could have easily been swept away.