Month: June 2021

Do you bank directly with your bank? You could be missing out.

Banking directly with a meeting of people in finance

When starting your new business there is a plethora of things you need to consider – where do I go for utilities? How do I set up a website? Who should I get my card machines with? The latter question might appear to the easiest to answer; simply ask your business bank.

Why a Card Machine is the must have tool for businesses in 2021

If the tsunami of the pandemic has proven anything, it is that businesses have a strong ability to adapt. Leading the forefront of this evolutionary process is the sacred card machine. Rather than being a took for quick transactions, the card machine has witnessed its own renaissance during the pandemic. Throughout multiple lockdowns, many of our clients have continued their day-to-day operations due to over the phone transactions. These transactions can be entered into a card machine with no additional charges. Florists, butchers and deli shops have all been able to take payments and deliver their services to customers. This handy perk has been a life raft to many industries which could have easily been swept away.